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A New Way to Manage Aches and Pains

Dr Graeme General Purpose Massager 

How much would you benefit from having a massage every single day?  

The Dr Graeme Massager makes that a very affordable reality. 

This handheld massager is serious stuff. It is designed that it is easy enough for patients to use at home, yet out-perform most higher price professional massagers. They are built to provide practically unlimited quality massage in the comfort of your own home. 

This is the same one I use myself in practice, quite simply they work amazingly! 

Let’s face it, the problem that most of us have is that we could all probably do with getting more massages than they can realistically afford in terms of time and money. I know I would love to have a daily massage from a professional therapist, but when is that ever financially viable, added with being able to actually spare the time. 

Even if we have a regular treatment once or twice a month, there are times when our shoulders, arms or legs ache and we just wish we were able to have a massage in the comfort of our own home. Does this ring true for you? 

Happily, I have a solution. It’s a professional-strength handheld percussive massager called the Dr Graeme Massager which I have been using in clinic for years.  

Buy your Dr Graeme handheld massager from mernchiropractic.com

In my opinion, it truly is the best.  Not only do I have one at home, but I have also given many to friends and family as Birthday and Christmas gifts. They all love theirs too. You can easily have it plugged in next to the sofa so you can massage your own shoulders whilst watching something on the TV in the evening 

How much would something like this be worth to you? I’ve had patients guess after trying it out that it would cost over £100-£200.

Here is the amazing news. We are able to stock this professional-strength Dr Graeme massager for only £55.99.

This handheld massager is 100% Quality Guaranteed

I still find it hard to believe that you could get such a good-quality product for this price. Without a doubt that this is amazing value for money.  There are other professional brands which personally I find are not as good, yet on the market only starting at around £200+. 

I think we can all agree you can’t beat a daily hands on therapeutic massage or chiropractic treatment, but it’s unlikely many people could spare the time or money to make that a reality, so in-between your scheduled appointments this professional-strength percussive massager is a valuable tool to use at home to support any hands on work you receive.  

As mentioned above, professional massage units like these can cost anywhere up to £400, but luckily Dr Graeme, a Chiropractor, produced a professional grade machine at an affordable price to provide to his patients and has made them available for others practitioners to use and provide to their own patients. 

or you can collect in person from one of our clinics, just call 07469 205041 for details.

You can read more via the link below about powerful motors, ergonomic designs, strong hammer mechanisms and all the other things that make it so effective and easy to use. 

For more information about our General Purpose Massager by Dr Graeme, visit www.drgraeme.com 

Dr Laura Nuttall DC

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