With recent changes to our current lifestyles, we can often find our general wellbeing feeling slightly diminished: each of us has a less healthy happy brain. 

We all know how important it is to keep our minds active during periods of isolation.  I hear many people at the moment tell me they are feeling like they have ‘Brain Fog’. Brain fog happens when we start to feel tired and exhausted. This leads to fatigue sensations often due to a chemical or hormonal imbalance reaction.

Below are 5 simple tips to help us combat such effects during this time of self-isolation.


  • We need about 80% of water in our brain to help it function.
  • Every chemical reaction in our body happens in our brain.
  • It is essential to help regulate these chemical reactions; therefore, our brain needs to be hydrated.
  • If you feel you are suffering from brain fog make sure you are drinking enough water, and even try mixing some electrolytes into water occasionally to help replenish your system.


  • We all know by now the importance of trying to get a decent night’s sleep.
  • Lack of sleep causes fatigue, which in turn causes brain fog. 
  • By getting enough sleep it allows our brain to rest and even in a way clean its system.
  • When we are rested, our brain attempts to remove inflammatory reactions and impurities.
  • We should all try to aim for 8 hours undisturbed sleep


  • Feeling like you can’t shake off brain fog can often be a sign that your body is lacking certain nutrients that our brain needs to fully function.
  • The most common ones are Vitamin B; Vitamin E and Omega 3.
  • Make sure you are eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables while cutting back on sugary processed foods and alcohol.


  • When our bodies are placed under an inflammatory reaction the result can have a negative effect on our brain function, and cause the brain fog sensation.
  • Adding certain herbs and spices to our diet can help reduce this inflammation. Rosemary; Sage; Garlic; Turmeric and Peppermint are all shown to help reduce inflammation.
  • Why not try a hot tea made with Turmeric; Lemon and Ginger?


  • You don’t need me to tell you exercise is good for us.
  • Not only for keeping us fit, but also for a happy healthy brain. 
  • Good specific stretches can help increase blood flow to the brain.
  • Pilates; Yoga; Tai Chi and Qi Gong are all great for this.
  • For a limited time, you can download Qi Gong lessons for free to help boost your immune response. Click here to download

Stay Happy, Healthy and Safe!

Dr Laura Nuttall DC

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