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Let’s Talk About Screens  

The main concept behind movement screening (which is different from clinical orthopaedic testing) is simply to check if the body can do certain basic movements.

A screen looks at the natural ability to perform basic movements & if the body is performing under any compensation patterns.  

Human Movement

Movement screening can highlight any compensation patterns that the body has adapted into. As a result, this could potentially prevent an injury from developing or even understand why your training is not progressing as well as you hoped.    

Unfortunately, all too often movement screening conclusions are being applied inappropriately by many. This in turn has the potential do more harm than good, as they rest on several questionable & untested assumptions.    

Not All Compensatory Patterns Are Bad

For example, it is all too often assumed that a highlighted dysfunction in someone’s movement pattern or function will be a predicted positive for a potential injury or reduced performance.  However, this is not always the case.  Just consider the natural variations in our human posture as individuals. We all naturally move in various ways in order to accomplish different movements. So, if identifying any variations in our movement as a possible dysfunction we need to be sure we are doing more good than harm.  

Consider the amazing abilities of double amputee Olympians. They can achieve greater accomplishments then most of us & yet feel no pain. The compensations & asymmetries of movement patterns are ideal for them & their tissues have adapted to it.

Knowing when to correct or leave alone is often a fine line. 


Perhaps you have already found a strategy that helps to prevent you occurring injures & overcome any movement dysfunctions.  If you have, then great. 

However, we are proud to announce that through her years of training and education from around the world, Laura has developed a bespoke MERN Performance Screen. 

This screen is not just for athletes, it is for anyone who wishes to benefit from potentially better movement. It is different from the chiropractic examination you would receive as a chiropractic patient.  

The MERN Performance Screen

Unlike the chiropractic examination, this is not a specific diagnostic tool. The MERN Performance Screen allows a basic understanding of how your body is moving in order try to prevent the possible risk of injury.

The screen highlights possible performance-limiting movement patterns specific to your own body dynamics.  

Laura believes the validity of screens should be of the highest quality. You are highlighting potential movement pattern issues; hence it should have a solid educational background in order to be sure that people will be better off in the long run.  

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For more information contact MERN Chiropractic on 07469205041 or [email protected] 

Dr Laura Nuttall DC

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